​​​​​​​Remember that cool idea you had that one time?
I’m sure you do. Have you ever envisioned something that, deep inside, you knew could become something amazing, but then a doubt crept in and you wondered if it’s any good at all? Or worse, you feared it entirely? Sometimes a thought, an idea, changes you. It sparks something. You believe in it. I think all of us have been there.
In my life as a designer I have come to find a great deal of respect for these ideas. Probably because I have had to come up with so many! Some were good, some bad, some really bad (let’s be honest here), but all were very useful in one way or another. Even if they end up used for something completely different than intended, or not used at all, they get us to where we are today.
So here we are, creators thinking up ideas all day long, each next to our lone paper bin. Crumpled pieces of paper constantly tossed at it. First there is one, then another, and another. Some make it in while others roll around playfully on the floor. We stop to focus on a single piece of paper we’re about to toss, and the pile that has accumulated on the floor. Here is where Crumpled Paper came to be. The way I see it, this perfectly illustrates the side of design that is fun but can also be a little stressful, and messy even. Sadly, some of our best ideas never come to fruition. We find ourselves starting over, going back, making magic, making mistakes. Successful execution of ideas comes when we learn to embrace this back and forth dance. The defining of problems, the solutions, the ideas and the form. Everyone dances to their own music and the process varies between individuals but there certainly are similarities. I’ve seen some interesting personal rituals such as a long walk or a hot shower or just going straight to “the grind.” There are no wrong ways. Whatever works.
I have a handful of ways I formulate my ideas. Sometimes an idea springs into existence and it cannot be unthought. It just sticks. There is something special there, and when that happens I know I’m onto something. By breaking down the process and implementing conscious methods of thinking and doing, I find the magic, where it all comes together and where it all makes sense. That is my passion. Why I love what I do, why I continue to love all aspects of design, and find a deep appreciation for the culture and the amazing people within this community. Great ideas that have been thrown out too soon can always be brought back to life to create something amazing. Don’t give up too quickly, might be your best idea yet.
Welcome to Crumpled Paper.
-- Brittany C. Giovinco
Founder // Designer + Photographer

Brittany Giovinco: Founder and Art Director

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